Summer Mantel & Terrarium

We have been so busy with outdoor projects that I have not done a lot of things inside as of late. I did however decide to take down the winter pine cones that were on the mantel and do a little something more summery. I recently bought a candle holder from Target that (surprise!) I thought would make a good terrarium type planter.  I’m a sucker for seeded glass!

Target candle holder

Because the glass can come off the wood base, it was not water proof. I used clear caulk to seal the inside seam. It starts out white and dries clear.

DIY terrarium

I filled it with some gravel that had been rinsed well. This will help with drainage plus I like the layered look.


I sprinkle a bit of this activated charcoal before adding the soil. It helps it not grow grow green slimy stuff in the bottom of the terrarium. You can pick it up at a pet store or on Amazon for really cheap. (Affiliate link)

Activated charcoal for terrariums

Sometimes it can be hard to fins small ferns meant for terrariums in your local nursery. I have started buying them from Amazon. When I order it says “variety” and it is always a fun surprise to see which ones come. It is like the adult plant lady version of a grab bag.

Terrarium plants

I think it makes a happy addition to my mantel!

DIY Terrarium

Summer mantel Terrarium

How has your summer gone so far? Has it been laid back, or are you getting lots of projects done?

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