Summer Porches & Entryway

Good morning! I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. My kids went two hours without bickering yesterday so I am still riding that high. Fingers crossed we can repeat yesterday’s success. I sent the kids outside so I could spruce up the house with some fun summer elements from my friends at Balsam Hill . They arranged a summer porch and entryway blog hop and I am excited to share BOTH my porches and the entries!


We bought our house without ever actually seeing it in person. I had grainy images sent via dial-up internet but it was enough for me to see that this cute brick cottage had the sweetest front porch. Now while I have always dreamed of having a porch I could sit on in the evenings, this rounded from door makes up for the fact that I have to sit on the steps rather than a rocker.


I painted my planters from last year a dark navy and I have to say it sure beats the brown from their previous life. It really makes the flowers stand out! I have some helpful hints when it comes to planting in large pots in case you struggle with that.



Let’s just swing open that beautiful front door and peek inside, shall we?


I traded out my bird nest fern plant for a vase of tulips. I love hanging vases!


These stunning tulips are faux. Yep. FAUX! The come with really long stems and I did not want to cut them to fit this small round vase in case I wanted to put them in a taller vase later so I bent them and wired them. Sneaky!



I have had this fiddle leaf tree for a long time and sadly he has been in the black plastic pot he came in which is no good. I ADORE this basket planter. I got him all settled in with a bunch of new potting soil and hopefully he will be happy.


See those dahlias? They are faux as well! My kids asked me multiple times if they were real.


Let’s go check out the kitchen porch. This is the door we use as well as our family and friends. It leads into our kitchen. Normally I plant herbs in our large garden but this year I decided to plant less and have them on our porch. They are close by for when I am cooking and smell great when we go in and out.


I planted basil, oregano, cilantro and rosemary since they are the herbs we use the most in our cooking. I am obsessed with these square cement planters!


Kevin was wondering why I was taking pictures of the porch 🙂


His favorite new spot is the door mat. I have tried having thin, decorative rugs but with four boys and a slew of neighbor kids coming and going, I needed a really nice, heavy duty door mat.


Just inside the kitchen door is not only my… well, kitchen, but my dining area. We call it the dining room but it is really just an eat in kitchen nook of sorts. In honor of summer, I decorated the table with lemons. Lemons are probably my FAVORITE smell in the world plus, when I think of summer I think of yellow.



How adorable is this little faux lemon tree? It was the perfect centerpiece 🙂


And don’t forget to add some yellow tulips! They may be out of season in my yard, but these pretend ones will last forever.


Here are all the fun things I used to decorate my porches and entries.


Dahlia Stems      Pink Tulip Stems       Yellow Tulip Stems       Potted Lemon Tree       Large Rattan Basket       Door Mat       Cement Square Garden Pot

These are the talented ladies joining the Summer Porch & Entry Tour!


I received product to review and decorate with from Balsam Hill but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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