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Spectra Plus Touch Shower Head

What’s to love: Just touching the shower head changes the spray pattern. No more trying to twist or turn anything.

What does it do: The shower head by American Standard allows the user to switch spray patterns by touching the edge. The settings are drench, for a full body soaking spray; massage is pulsating; sensitive is fine gentle spray; and jet provides a targeted spray. It is available in four finishes: polished chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel and legacy bronze. Suggested retail price is $189.

Chicken DIY: 20 Fun-to-Make Projects for Happy and Healthy Chickens

What’s to love: Perfect for the person wanting to start a small backyard flock.

What does it do: The book has detailed instructions illustrated with photographs for making the items needed to have a backyard flock and keep it safe and healthy. The book describes items including coops, roosts and nesting boxes, and lists the tools and skills needed to make them. It also includes a chapter on the history of keeping chickens and recipes for all the eggs the flock will lay. The book sells for $16.42.

— Cary Jenkins

HomeStyle on 01/13/2018

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