Toys ‘R’ Us Returns To Times Square For Holiday Season

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NY — Toys “R” Us will makes its return to Times Square later this month nearly two years after shutting its flagship store, the retail giant announced this week. The toy retailer will occupy 35,000 square feet in the historic Knickerbocker Building on West 42nd Street and Broadway, the company announced.

Set to open sometime in August, the Toys “R” Us store is coming back to Times Square just in time to kick off holiday shopping season, Chairman and CEO Dave Brandon said in a statement.

“The Times Square holiday shop reunites our brand with an iconic New York destination which we are thrilled about,” Brandon said in a statement. “More importantly, the store offers customers a host of products tailored to the needs of city dwellers and visitors – all in interest of bringing play to kids and families around the world!”

Toys “R” Us did not specify how long the temporary, three-story store will be open.

In a nod to its original Times Square superstore the new holiday shop will feature a dedicated play space for children, a scaled-down animatronic dinosaur and other interactive life-size toy displays.

Photo by Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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Originally published August 11, 2017.

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