What annoys you the most about Android?

Yesterday, in light of the impending launch of iOS 11.3, I decided to write up a quick article on what current, and former, users of iOS thought about the platform. Namely, what about Apple’s mobile operating system annoyed them the most. And while we might be a bit of a ways away from Google updating Android, I figured I should write a companion piece.

While some might want to argue just to argue, I think it’s safe to say that, like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android has earned its place at the top of the mobile OS pile. Both have fought off competitors like Windows 10 Mobile, webOS, and BlackBerry to be the go-to options for millions of people across the globe.

But, even giants have flaws, even if they are completely subjective elements decided person to person.

I’m still a big fan of Android. The customization options are great, especially now that rooting isn’t such a requirement these days. But the broad scope of Android and its ability to work with so many other devices out there from companies that aren’t Google has always been a huge bonus in my mind.

I imagine I have to pick something that annoys me about the platform, though, since I’m asking all of you to join in. I don’t have an issue with the notification shade in general, but I am not a fan of the notification panel in general. The whole thing. It’s way too cluttered. I think the one thing that I’ve grown to like over the years is notification dots, because I don’t have to rely on that panel.

It’s probably one of the reasons why Android Oreo is one of my favorite releases to date — even if it doesn’t completely remove the notification panel from the mix, those app icon notification dots are pretty great.

I don’t see Google giving up the notification panel any time soon, which of course makes sense because I’m sure I’m one of the only people out there that has any kind of problem with it. Then again, with Android P on the way, I have noticed quite a few people say they aren’t fans of where the clock is going to be positioned now. But that’s probably a small thing, and maybe Google changes that before the public launch of Android P later this year.

It’s a small thing, but that’s where I’m at. What about you? Whether you’re currently an Android user or have been in the past, what about Google’s mobile operating system annoys you the most? Let me know!

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