WindowManager: remember window sizes and positions in Windows

WindowManager is a long-standing shareware program for the Windows operating system that remembers window sizes and positions so that they are launched using the same screen position and dimensions each time.

The program supports a variety of other features, from configuring custom dimensions and size to lots of triggers, hotkeys, and more.

Programs that don’t remember window size and position on the screen on exit or don’t load them properly on next start are frustrating. I ran into an issue with Firefox Nightly recently. I run the browser on half the screen on a 1920×1080 monitor but Firefox would also load with some space between the browser interface and the taskbar, and I could not figure out why this was happening.



WindowManager supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows starting with Windows XP (including server versions).

The program is shareware but you can download a 30-day free trial from the developer website. A free alternative is listed below if you are interested in that.

The Windows software can remember the size and position of programs running on Windows so that program windows open always in the exact location on the screen.

It is not a run-and-forget type of program though. The main interface displays the  available rules on start. You can select “all windows” there to add all running program windows to the rules section to get started.

windows rules

A click on edit after selecting one of the programs opens the rules editor. You define matching rules — the program matches based on window title, program file name, and window class — the actions and advanced options.

Actions define window position, size, state, and other related variables. Use the get, set and pick options, or enter values manually to get started. Get pulls the current position, state, and size and enters the values automatically. Set enforces the rules so that you can verify them.

WindowManager may lock size, position and state of any window, enforce that the window is always visible on the screen (and not moved outside of it). Other options include setting the window to be always on top or at the bottom.

Advanced options let you set commands that you want execute on window open and close. The commands include clicking, moving, or typing text into the window when it opens or closes.

Once you have configured rules you can save them to the profile. The rules are enforced automatically when WindowManager runs and matching program windows get opened or closed on the system.

WindowManager supports a sophisticated triggering system to enforce rules automatically or manually. Set a hotkey for all windows of a profile or the active one to quickly enforce rules to display it in a certain position and with a certain size and state on the screen.

The program supports screen triggers to apply rules when the screen resolution changes, session triggers which activate during logon, logoff, or connect operations, power and time triggers.

The screen trigger could prove useful to users who use multiple monitors on their device or connect their computer to different monitors regularly.

Closing Words

WindowManager worked with any program window I set custom rules for. It resolved the issue with Firefox on my system but worked with Windows Explorer, Thunderbird, and any other program window that I tried it with as well. It even worked with dialog windows.

The program supports profiles that you can switch between and other nice to have features such as silent deployment options, or multi-monitor support.

The asking price of $10 is reasonable considering that the license does not expire. You may buy the “lifetime free upgrades” to include all future upgrades; if you don’t, only minor version upgrades and one year of major version upgrades are included.


You can check out WindowPadX which supports moving and resizing windows among many other things. If it is just the window state you are after, check out Auto Window Manager instead.

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