Woman's Best Friend 'Steals' Her 2 Kids' Names and It Gets Ugly

 After thinking about, this mom decided to be honest with her friend and share that she felt weird about the situation. But instead of being able to talk it through and move on, their relationship officially went up in flames. “Spoiler Alert: We will no longer be friends at this point because frankly this may be the weirdest sh*t that as happened in my adult life,” she wrote.

When she called, she simply said that she’d love to chat and her friend immediately got defensive. “She said that after everything we have been through she couldn’t believe I was ending our friendship over a name. Wait, what? I never said that,” she wrote. “So I explained again that I wasn’t angry just felt perplexed as to why we never spoke about it before. She cried some more and said she was disappointed and that she thought so much more of me. Okay? I again, one last time, tried to explain that I was not mad just a little hurt that she didn’t think to mention this whole thing to me.”

But instead of listening, the friend completely flipped the situation and blamed mom. “She started the whole ‘Oh you’re hurt? YOU’RE HURT?’ charade. I apologized for getting her upset and said we could talk once everyone’s emotions were cooled down,” she wrote.

Then the mom dropped a suspicious truth bomb. “She says, ‘That’s okay, I see your true colors now, and for what it’s worth, her name isn’t Nix. It’s Onyx and I just call her Nix because I think its cute,'” she wrote.

And that’s where the conversation ended … for good. “I said, ‘Why are you just telling me this two months later, and why have you never, anywhere mentioned that her name was Onyx, and why is not spelled Nyx then?’ At which point she hung up on me,” she wrote. “I have zero desire to reach out again. I honestly don’t even know that I believe that this child’s name is Onyx, and that is just creepy AF.”

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