Would you spend $4,500 on an Apple iPhone X with a solar panel on back?

Caviar is a Russian accessories manufacturer that Apple iPhone X fans might be happy to collude with. The company produces a case for the tenth anniversary model that features solar panels. The company is selling the 64GB version of the phone with the hefty case at a hefty price of $4,555 (The 256GB version is priced at $4,805). Called the iPhone X “Tesla,” the first model off the assembly line is being given (appropriately) to Elon Musk.

Adding solar panels to the iPhone X certainly changes the look of the phone. The 7.7mm thickness of the device more than doubles to 16.2mm, eliminating the camera bump. With the case, the iPhone X Tesla sports an IP certification rating of IP67.

Caviar says that it was inspired by “three men of science,” Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. The company is allowing buyers to inspect the phone and solar panel case before having to pay for it, and each purchase includes a “personal consultant” who accompanies the transaction. We’re not sure who this consultant is, or what role he plays in the purchase.

The solar panel on the back of the case helps to power up a battery embedded inside it. Pushing a button on the rear of the accessory will charge up the battery inside the iPhone X.

If you have an interest in the iPhone X ‘Tesla,” click on the sourcelink below.

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